Business Targets In 2015.
Many people like to make a business and try their luck in the business, with no specific target. When we do not have a target, so there is no way want to reach, so many people fail because they do not put a target of what we do, which is worse, some of us do not have a target. 

So what is the target ..? 

Examples of the intended target, trying to see where we are at work, if the boss gave us a target, sometimes the target is very heavy to be carried out, due to the pressure we had to make it with an open mind .. 

But the question here is, if the target is completed, who gains.? 
Definitely a company to be profitable in the results of our work was. 

So I want to share tips, how an entrepreneur or business person can get rich quick. 

This tip goes to the business, but if you're not a business, these tips can be shared with family members or friends you are dealing. 

Well, I want to ask you a question .. if you people do business between the following options, which one is more fond of your choice .. 

A: sell 100 packets of chicken to 100 customers 
B: sell 100 packets of chicken to 1 client 

A: sell 100 units to 100 customers 
B: sell 100 units of computers to one customer 

I am sure you will prefer to choose B. 

Because .. sell and convince one of them is easier than convincing 100 customers want to buy from us. 

The question is .... how to find customers of type B? 
Who can afford to buy 100 packs of chicken or 100 units of computers at once? 

Actually, there are many customers of B ... however, the customer has the greatest purchasing power .. known as the "government". 

Maybe you realize it or not, every year, the government has allocated billions of dollars for a variety of projects, from the smallest supply projects such as providing cakes for dinner during the meeting, to project the supply of building materials. 

Are you interested in becoming a supplier and doing business with the government. But it is not easy. 

One of the key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs is that their passion for things including the business they run. Rapture is meant with respect to a very strong urge inside an entrepreneur is to continue the work and against all obstacles to achieve success in the pursuit of a dream to become a successful entrepreneur. it could be a turning point in your life. 

That's a tip for selecting the targets in our business in 2015.

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