Eight ways to be a smart consumer and save

This article recounts the relevant rights as a consumer.

Security is a common thing to be taken care of by us as users before making a purchase.

In determining the safety of an item, the first step in a very easy way to do this is to refer to the physical condition of the item.

We as consumers just need to wise use of the senses or the sense of sight to see the shape of an object is, in general every thing available in the market have been packaged and labeled properly.

Label is very important, therefore, study the label is one of the most intelligent of us know about the safety of a product or products that are sold to us.

On the label there are certain symbols or indications which show that the creation of a product or products that are in compliance with any rules and also the quality of the manufacturing process,
besides other important information can also be found on the label.

As consumers we can also examine the second point is the method of operating the products or goods, this matter can also affect the safety of a product or commodity. Neat and complete package with the label does not mean it is safe for us, if the situation at the business premises was not done properly.

For example, dairy products and goods in the sharp items such as knives and cutting tools, so the item is breakable or Hole.

Besides of that, there are several methods of security guarantee offered by the industry to us as consumers, we should be alert and ask the dealer to get more information about the guarantee offered if it's there and get it.

Generally we as consumers need to make the first move to secure the safety of a product or service that is offered to us.

Here are some basic tips that can be useful to us:

1. Look at the price tag and make comparisons.

2. Make sure the expiration date or the date the product is removed.

3. Identify the symbol or logo on label compliance with safety standards.

4. Read the label, nutrition and safety data sheet supplied.

5. Read the instructions as a guide, the procedure for handling and storage of products.

6. Identify the manufacturer, importer and distributor of packaging or product.

7. Complete the warranty card and return it to the relevant parties to obtain a bond in the offer.

Item 8. of this important, often overlooked by the consumer it is a receipt, keep a receipt of purchase and safety brochures were given to us as consumers for the purposes of a claim in the future ..

So this is exactly what we need to know as a consumer ..!

Happy reading ..
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