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Despite thousands of complaints thrown through social media sites, the fact that the government has a reason for restructuring the subsidies given to the people. As motorists, we have the option to austerity by reducing fuel consumption at a minimum. Follow a few tips provided 1click Portal. Try to make your vehicle fuel saving guide.

1. Speed ​​accordance 

Attitude and driving style affects fuel consumption of your car. Do not hurry when driving and reduce the practice of sudden braking.

2. Minimize the burden 

When you carry the burden more, it can increase the rate of oil consumption. So, do not bring unnecessary items. Your car is not a store! Check the boot of your car and remove items that are not supposed to. Weight gain of 50 pounds can increase fuel consumption by two per cent.

3. The correct air pressure 

Air pressure must be correct. Wind pressure specification resulting oil consumption increased five percent. Check your tire pressure levels at least once a month. Driving with less wind, causing increase fuel consumption by up to 35 percent.

4. Periodic Service 

Engine tuning inappropriate increase oil consumption by more than 50 percent. Make sure the spark plugs, fan belt and air filter checked regularly.

5. Lack of speed 

The slower you drive, the more fuel efficient to use. Driving in excess of 90 kilometers per hour (km / h) increase fuel consumption. By comparison, at a speed of 100 km / h, fuel consumption increased 10 percent, 105 km / h (15 percent) and 110 km / h (25 percent).

6. Turn off the engine if the wait 

If the car is not moving, turn off the engine. Waiting for your spouse or friends who stop at the grocery store to buy stuff sometimes can be too long. This may be because there are many customers in the shop. So, open the car windows and turn off the engine to save fuel in your car.

7. Wise use of gear 

Select the appropriate gear with speed. Using low gear for high speed causing wastage of petrol because of the pressure of the engine is too high and vice versa. Use mode 'economy' if your car has it.

8. brake at a safe distance 

If you already know where to stop, such as a highway or a petrol station on the edge of the highway, slow down from a safe distance. Do not brake suddenly.

9. Plan a trip 

Plan your trip in advance to a destination. It can avoid traffic jams and indirectly will be able to save fuel.

10. Heat engine 

Turn on the engine for at least five minutes before starting the drive. This is to improve engine performance and ensure the engine can work optimally.

11. Minimize short trips 

Cut short trips because it can increase the oil by 40 percent.

12. The size of the tires and rims 

The size of the tires and rims that do not fit or weight can cause additional fuel consumption up to 10 percent.

13. The contents of petrol at a time to suit 

The most appropriate time for refueling is in the morning or evening. This is because at this time the gasoline is less buoyant in the air due to the hot weather. Avoid refueling too full or up spills.

If you find your monthly fuel consumption is very high, check the cause first.

It may be due to the technical condition of cars or maybe your driving attitude. So, before buying any aids fuel consumption, the market should you practice the tips above and see the changes.

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