Computer is an electronic device that can be programmed to perform a set of logical and arithmetic operations automatically. The computer basically consists of monitor units, systems, keyboard and mouse. In the system unit, there is one central processing unit, a hard disk, memory and motherboard.


Computer basically consists of the following components;

(a) RAM.

RAM stands for random access memory. In computing, ram refers to the physical hardware used to store program. Shape memory is volatile, which means that data is lost if the power supply is interrupted in any way. Today, a random access memory consists of integrated circuit (IC)
Amount of memory in your computer affect the overall performance of the machine. One way to increase the processing power of the computer is to increase the amount of RAM. The ram which fetches data from the hard disk.


A hard disk drive (HDD) is a digital data storage device for retrieving and storing digital data from a computer. Hard disk using rotating disks called plates and attached in magnetic materials. A hard disk is uncertain. This means that the HDD maintain
data even when the power is turned off.
Hard disk contains the operating system that is used to boot the computer. In the world of computers and technology, operating systems, commonly known as OS, is a very important system utilities that make the hardware and software to communicate effectively. Therefore, if a hard drive crash or lost, the computer will not boot or start.

(c) motherboards.

A motherboard is sometimes referred to as the system board, mainboard or the logic board. It is the main printed circuit board that holds all the electronic components inside the computer. All computer hardware such as CPU, RAM, HDD and flash disks attached to the main board. It also offers expansion slots for other hardware components such as a TV card, network card and graphics card.


Network interface card (NIC) is a computer hardware exclusively used for computer networks. With advances in technology and computer technology, all computer devices to share data with each other. That is the main function of a network card. Network cards also allow computer users to connect to the internet. Without a network card, all attempts to connect to the network will be in vain.


A heat sink is used together with a computer fan to remove excess heat from the CPU. Therefore high processing power, CPU gets very hot within a few seconds after the computer is turned on. When the processor heats up automatically power off the computer. To prevent this from happening, the heat sink is placed directly ontop processor to conduct heat. Especially heat sink made of aluminum because it is a good conductor of heat.

Computers have simplified many activities that require human intervention. Modern computers have high processing power compared to their predecessors. Advances in technology have enabled the computer to perform complex tasks such as weather forecasting and scientific research.

Computer technology has enabled humans to explore the outside world.

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