Health Impact Television

I know many of us love to watch television at home, but if we watch too long it may be a negative impact on our health aspects, namely:
Health Impact Television.

* Many of the adverse effects.

According to a study from Spain, when we watch TV too long, we are not aware of the situation causes the body system is not working properly. The study states stand for a minute or two every 20 minutes can help our bodies regulate important cells such as glucose, hormones, and other body cells to use glucose act effectively.

Believe it or not, television is a bit extreme can affect the mind in determining the types of food consumed.

For example, ads for unhealthy food advertising can influence our mind to buy unhealthy foods.

Thus, not only the negative impact of the kesihantan but in reality we know the less healthy, but they are tough to sit at home without going out socializing or doing leisure activities.

* Confused mind. 

According to the author of the article on the website LifeHack, CraigDewa, like watching television to explain too much, can poison the mind indirectly said. what happens on television is not all happen in reality.

By continuously watching television, we are exposed to identity fraud and personality seseoarng, for example, many featuring the character drama, which is sometimes illogical character mostly just made up, "he said.

From another angle, Craig also found that individuals who lapsed frequently staring television may face problems of discipline and self-control, the longer of individual was watching television then the ground itself to control the mind of a distraction to other activities.

* Time wasted. 

As we know, it turns out the activities that are considered casual, actually just spent our time if we are not able to control the action, for example, as described above, we will not only sit up for hours over the television, but also on the do not socialize that can affect productivity and threaten our association with others.

If you want to be included, of course, enjoy watching their favorite movies .. If there is no limit and outrageous the evil consequence, if we do not need to be fond of watching television for hours and have only a few moments and also do other healthy activities.

Meet the social needs as it is a more healthy things in our daily lives .. 

Thank you for reading this infoTelevisyen Health Impact.  

# A source taken from: HAZRIL MDNOR
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