Nine History and Theory of Beauty

According to history, a woman will choose a special treatment to improve and maintain their beauty.

Believe it or not, this is just a theory that is practiced by women before.

At 300 years BC.

Early theories of Greek philosophers said that the world Beautify no relationship with mathematics, more symmetrical shape of the face can make a person more beautiful.

At 40 years BC.

Beauty Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra makes crowned as the most beautiful woman of the era was so gladdened the hearts of the youth of the Roman empire, Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. Practice is the famous beauty Cleopatra milk bath and smearing your face with honey.

In the second century AD. 

The ancient Romans believed women have fair skin is a sign of beauty. it is proved by the discovery of ancient Rome vile members who discovered the earliest possible in metal containers that contain animal fat, starch and tin. This moisturizer is said to help brighten the skin.

In the 16th Century. 

Renaissance painter, Raphael just pick women who have the body shape is beautiful, light-skinned and soft as a model for its part that draws upon the beauty ideal woman of that era.

In the 18th century. 

Appearance: Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, which is famous for White face pale and unique hairstyle to encourage women to join at the same time using the whitening agent containing materials such as carbonate, and lead oxide hydoxide to get smooth skin.

In 1940. 

The Golden Age of Hollywood to watch the film. Lauren Bacall Hollywood Glamour style captures with red lips and face makeup neat. Beauty regime at this time to focus on ways to clean up heavy makeup and cleansing oily favorite Hollywood celebrities.

In 1950. 

Women are so excited to visit the spa for a body submerged in water because of the mineral content of minerals that can cure skin diseases and most importantly, to help maintain healthy skin.

In 1960. 

Supermodel, Twiggy beauty revolution around the world with the appearance of dull. pale, dull skin and use false eyelashes. Women of this age begin to realize the importance of the three basic steps of skin care, such as cleans, refreshes and moisturizes to keep the skin healthy.

In 1990. 

Keywords skincare favor of a minimalist style and natural. Makeup helps the skin look healthy, young and radiant. Thus, anti-aging products exploding around the world, followed by surgical cosmetic and sunscreen to slow skin aging.

At the present time. 

Aesthetic treatment is the 'gold standard' in skin care today because of its ability to achieve results that are quite impressive. Facials and body of the attention of women who are so concerned about beauty and skin health.

But in five or 10 years is a hoax warm treatment among women at that time ..?
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