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Maybe we have the creative and interesting idea, but sometimes we feel better if he shared in written form and open stored in memory. The reality is we can not rest the memory of all the information we want to remember, but the content of the writing will remain until any, to be made in the reference if we need them to come, besides sharing ideas in bloggers is fun. if we want a more popular way of publishing the book, maybe we nowhere near that. 

For those that are interested in writing are like me, the best way to increase performance is to continue to write. With the blogs so much easier to promote ideas of other bloggers. Whatever we think of something we can share. While at first the idea is not attractive, but it can produce a variety of new ideas that are more creative and useful to readers of our writing, time elapsed so fast and there are many things that happen in our lives that can be shared, does not matter whatever we want to share what is important to allow the reader to understand what we write. 

They are experts in writing also usually already have their own blogs. This blog is actually easier for us to share all the creative ideas in addition to writing all of our exciting experience with a fun loomed. 

Mention the blog. Certainly many people know, What is a blog. 

This blog was created to communicate with anyone. 
Did you use a blog can achieve their dreams and his career just by writing on the blog, I'm sure many people have extra income through blogs, some of them are already well known and also serve as a mentor to new bloggers. 

Despite being a blogger is not as easy as we thought, some of them have been for many years in the field of blogging to reach their dreams and his career is in want .. Example blog I own is still experimental, because of what I told you so, because in this blog I have 50 traffic in a day, while the readers and users of bloggers almost 99% of people around the world, and because of so many users, many new bloggers that exist at present. 

But the goal of what we do before building a blog.? 
Maybe some of us here have a dream. For me, the dream has not been achieved, 

Whether your dream is yet to be achieved.? 

Did we, in our day has 24 hours, if the year 8640 hours with 360 days and 12 months, sleeplessness sure we know. is this 
not enough for us to achieve our dreams.? 

My personal opinion, time is gold, in the 8640 hour long for those who do not have dreams, but for those who have a dream to own a short time only. Whatever we have in the years to come, to those who have dreams do not give up, you should keep trying, do not be pursued because we do not know how far it will go, but we must continue to work due to his efforts that can lead us to achieve our dreams at any time. Remember never got chased .. later chapters we were tired .. 
if we try and keep trying but it fun for ourselves. 

The question here is the Purpose and Goals Our blog .. 

What is important to continue reading because knowledge is endless as long as we are alive.
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