8-Eight How To Keep Long Hair


Mention health, it is definitely a lot of things we need to know. But this week I want to tell the long hair care, hair show definitely belongs to women, it is the reality of women prefer long hair. But how far is the man who intends to keep long hair.? 

This time I have prepared some useful tips that can be practiced by men.

Wash your hair every day.

Believe it or not after the opinions - each, Men sweat more proportionate women, therefore this situation led to an increase in the potential issuance of greasy hair and unpleasant surprises. Therefore, the best way is to wash your hair every day to avoid greasy hair and bad.

Avoid brushing wet hair with a towel.

This is weird .. After only wetting the hair, avoid things like rubbing your hair with a towel, kid know why read up, it makes your hair brittle branched, unhealthy and looks dry, most effective way is to just leave it to dry hair natural and wipe gently - slowly.

Avoid chemical treatments on the hair.

Leaves hair with hair straighteners tool not only dry but also make it seem hard and brittle and difficult to maintain the hair becomes soft. This can be seen when most of the men who want straight hair because of excessive use of chemicals on the hair.

Make a trim every six weeks.

Health board needs to be maintained to keep hair healthy, the best way to preserve it is to remove the damaged hair, How to cut the hair because it helps keep your hair from straight-legged, if we were to recommend a hair salon at the barber just cut the damaged ends cutting hair regularly will help the growth of hair is beautiful and good.

Avoid hair tie too tight.

remember not to breathe too tight will not turn our hair it .. Actually the main problem is that the male hair damage caused by the use of strict caps or tying hair with rubber is strong, it will cause hair loss problems due to hair follicles interested unnoticed when tying the hair, to prevent this from happening, use a less stringent cap and tie your hair with a soft rubber and loose.

Choose suitable shampoo and conditioner.

One of the beautiful things about taken by men is choosing a suitable shampoo and conditioner, hair rinse is not enough if we do not take care of your hair needs vitamins, therefore, when the sort of hair wash our hair with the fingertips, rather than rubbing with a finger. need to be reminded not to forget the important role of the conditioner with cold water as hot water usage is causing oil conditioner separate from the scalp and not treated properly.

Although we do not know how to style long hair, but do not worry, we only need to comb or brush the center back with a slight touch of the waves is enough interesting provided greasy hair and bad! certainly quite handsome in the eyes of women.

This is the only way to care for long hair men, and also read the other tips in these blogs.

happy reading ..
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